Discovery Hub® 101 - Basics

Build your own projects in Discovery Hub®

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What you will learn

Manage projects in Discovery Hub and begin leveraging the power of automation to skyrocket your analytics. In this course you will learn how to build your very own Operational Data Exchange, Modern Data Warehouse, and Semantic layer including:

  • Connecting to Data Sources & build an Operational Data Exchange.
  • Model a complex normalized database into a self-service friendly Modern Data Warehouse.
  • Create easy to use Semantic Models giving users immediate access to data driven insights.

Course Content

This course includes about 50 lectures consisting of 1-hour of Overview (text & illustration) lectures, 1-hour of Follow Along video lectures, and roughly 3-4 hours of hands-on exercises. In total, this course consists of roughly 5 hours of training content.

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Your Instructor

Joseph Treadwell
Joseph Treadwell

Joseph Treadwell is a Solution Specialist for TimeXtender, facilitating and managing solutions and providing support for customer and partners. When he's not developing BI solutions, he's attending marketing events and facilitating training classes, ensuring clients and partners have the skills they need to successfully manage their data.

Training Content

  The Semantic Layer
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