Overview: Data Sources

Learn more in the User Guide: Connecting to Data sources

Through the various data source selection options, Discovery Hub can connect to virtually any data source available today.

The above data sources, along with a few others, can be quickly added through the integrated connectors found in the data sources menu.

Many other proprietary or web based data source types can be connected by installing the OleDb or ADO.Net driver from the manufacturer.

TimeXtender supplies custom providers for the following data source types which can be downloaded from the Custom Components Setup article.

  • Dynamics CRM
  • Google Analytics
  • Harvest
  • Podio
  • SharePoint 2015

CData also offers an extensive library of 3rd party providers that can be downloaded as well. .

Once installed, the provider is then accessible through the AnySource dialogue found under Data Sources.

For more info read the section in the User Guide titled AnySource Data Source

Adapter Data Sources

The adapter data sources are specific to the source application. These intelligent adapters use information specific to the source application to provide ease of use and additional insights. Always use the application specific adapters when available.