Prerequisites: Configure Your Environment

In order to complete this training, you need access to a working TimeXtender environment. If you already have a working environment, you may skip this section.

To get started with TimeXtender, you can Deploy one of our an Azure Marketplace Templates which includes a VM with TimeXtender as well as a PaaS deployment of Azure SQL. Or you can Configure Your Own Server & Storage. In either case, the environment must be configured with all the necessary prerequisites. Click the following link to learn more about how to Configure your TimeXtender Environment.

Quick Start

Option 1: Azure Marketplace

Option 1: Install On-Premises

  • Install & Configure Your Own Server & Storage.
    • This option will require a windows machine with at least a dual core CPU and 8GB of RAM.
    • This option will also require an instance of SQL Server. You can download the Developer Edition for free (Click the link, scroll down to "Developer" and click download now).

Install & configure ODX Server

This training uses the ODX Server as the method for ingesting data. To complete the following exercises, you must install and configure an ODX Server. The ODX Server allows only one (1) instance per organization, to ensure data integrity and reduce duplicate storage.

  • If your organization already has an ODX Server configured, you will need to coordinate with your system administrator to get connected to the existing ODX Server.
  • If your organization does NOT have an ODX Server installed, we recommend that you coordinate your efforts with your TimeXtender Partner or project manager to configure the ODX according to desired best practice for the organization. For more detailed information, please see Install and Configure the ODX Server.