What to Expect

This course covers the more advanced features and functionality of Discovery Hub, building from where we left off in Discovery Hub 102 - Optimization. While it's not a requirement, we highly recommend you complete the 101 and 102 first, because the topics covered in this course assume you have achieved that level of knowledge.

You are free to browse through the videos for help on using specific features. However, you will get the most value from the material if you follow along through the sections in series at your own pace.


This online course is organized into different lecture types to help you be successful.

Overview lectures help explain and introduce new topics in the form of text, images, and video.

Follow Along lectures include a video of how to carry out a series of steps in the software in order to complete a larger task. We encourage students to 1st watch the video, then complete the outlined steps, in order to get the most out of the training.

Exercise lectures will ask you to complete a task in Discovery Hub without providing you with specific steps. If you have difficulty, solutions are provided.

Save Your Progress

If you wish to track and save your progress as you work through the training material please Sign Up or Login if you have not done so already.

User Guide

We highly recommend you download the User Guide. We will reference the user guide many times throughout this training and it is a very helpful resource when using the platform.

Knowledge Base

The TimeXtender Knowledge Base is an extensive library of how to articles, and answers to frequently asked questions.