Overview: The User Interface - 1:46

Key Info:

  • The Green/Red light in the status bar indicates if changes have been saved to the repository.

Watch this Overview video:

Version / Bit: The top bar shows the current version of the application as 17.8.1 Server and 64 bit.

Menu: The Menu bar is where you will find all of the options and settings in the application.

Toolbar: Many Menu options are presented as toolbar buttons for easy access. You can hover your mouse over each button to see its function.

Navigation Tabs: This is how you navigate to the various areas of the application such as the various semantic layer options, execution packages etc.

Project Tree: This main window displays the project tree where you can navigate and interact with the various parts of your project. This is where you will spend most of your time in Discovery Hub. As you will notice throughout this training, you will interact with the various objects such as tables and fields through right clicking, dragging, and dropping.

Save Status: This light indicates whether all changes have been saved to the project repository. It will change colors from green to red when you make a change to a project. It will change back to green once you click save and commit the changes to the repository.

Status Bar: Here you can see important status information about Discovery Hub. You can click on any one of these items to open the appropriate setting dialog for this item.

  • Project: The name of the currently open project.
  • Project Repository: The server and database name of the project repository currently in use.
  • Environment: Shows the currently active Environment. If you don't see this, that's okay. It's because you have not yet configured multiple environments.
  • License: Displays the name of the organization who holds the license for the application.