Get a Discovery Hub License Key

To complete this training you must have an active Discovery Hub License Key. Please follow the below instructions depending on the scenario you fit into below:

I'm a TimeXtender Customer

The typical Discovery Hub license allows multiple sandboxes for development and training purposes. Please use your existing license.

To find your license, in Discovery Hub, click Help > License Information.

Alternatively, If you are currently working with a TimeXtender partner to implement a Discovery Hub solution, you may reach out to your partner to get your Discovery Hub license key.

I'm a TimeXtender Partner

Your TimeXtender Partnership comes with a Discovery Hub Partner License meant for development and training purposes. In this case please use your Partner license for training purposes. If you don't have access to your license key, please reach out to your TimeXtender Partner Sales Manager or email [email protected].

New to Discovery Hub?

If you are NOT working with a TimeXtender partner, but are interested in a trying out our data management platform please click here.