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  How to Use This Training & Additional Resources

This training content is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to become successful at creating and managing your own Discovery Hub. You are free to browse through the videos for help on using specific features. However, if you are new to the platform, you will get the most value from the material if you follow along through the sections in series at your own pace.


Key Info: Important information to remember.

The training is broken down into four types of lectures:

Overview - Explanation of Topic in the form of text, images, and video.

Following Along - Instructor Walk through in the form of videos. It is important to complete these steps in order to complete the entire training.

Exercise - These will be in the form of steps that you'll follow along and do yourself.

Quiz - Testing your knowledge of important topics covered throughout the course.

Save Your Progress

If you wish to track and save your progress is you work through the training material please Sign Up or Login if you have not done so already.

User Guide

We highly recommend you download the User Guide. We will reference the user guide many times throughout this training and it is a very helpful resource when using the platform.

Knowledge Base

The TimeXtender Knowledge Base is an extensive library of how to articles, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Question and Answer Session

As part of a well rounded product training we believe there should always be room for questions. That's why we encourage you to write down any questions you have during the training and use the form in the final section to schedule a question and answer session with one of our qualified consultants. You can jump to the last section now by clicking this link.